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How to Accessorize School Uniforms

Few kids get excited about school uniforms. No one wants to look like everyone else, blending into a sea of khaki, navy, hunter green and white. But there is hope for the stylish child whose fashion sense is bound by a school uniform policy: Accessories.

The easiest way for boys to stand out in the crowd is with cool backpacks. We have a variety, ranging from this superhero-themed bag(1) to this rugged looking Jansport backpack(2) to and this rolling space shuttle backpack(3). If ties are allowed or required, he may opt for a trendy bow tie(4) in the appropriate color.

Stylish shoes are excellent for expressing individual style. Try these boat shoes from UGG Australia(5) or Sperry Top-Sider(6). Colorful Nike (7)or Polo Ralph Lauren(8) sneakers are sporty options.

Girls have an even wider range of accessories to choose from.

A Hello Kitty backpack(1) or handbag(2) can add a dash of whimsy and a splash of sparkle. The zebra print of this Jansport backpack(3) is a little edgy, while this Vera Bradley book bag(4) might appeal to the more fashion-forward young lady.

These dazzling Skechers(5) sneakers and shimmering Sperry boat shoes(6) are also great options for adding a little pizazz to a school uniform. A plain pair of shoes can be dressed up with these cute Copper Key socks(7) that have animal-print ruffle trim.

If standout shoes are not an option (or even if they are) add color to her hair with brightly colored bows from Copper Key(8). She can add a little bling to her khaki pants with one of these stylish rhinestone-embellished Miss Me Girls belts(9). Bracelets can also enliven a bland school uniform. From Copper Key, the animal-print bangles(10) are exotic and edgy.

For uniforms and other accessories, shop here.

How will you add style to your school uniforms?

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Athletic Shoes: Start 2012 on the Right Foot

Kick off your resolution this year with a quick guide to our top athletic shoes. We’ve broken down our selection by activity to meet all your needs — from the trail to the track.


These shoes will support your stride with a combination of cushioning, lightweight construction and eye-catching design.


For a change in pace, go exploring in these versatile outdoor shoes.


Walk a mile (or more) in these supportive selections.

Browse our New Year’s Resolution Shop for more active footwear ideas. What shoe will support your goals this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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