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Farm to Table Designer Spotlight: Andrew Cottrell

Our third and final designer spotlight for Dillard’s Farm to Table project is Andrew Cottrell.

Andrew designed the Meld Collection, an eclectic way to entertain. This convertible servingware can be used as one piece or separate bowls.


Currently residing in the greater Minneapolis area as an industrial designer, Andrew interned at Collins Design Inc. and studied at the University of Wisconsin.

Spotlight on: Andrew Cottrell

  • Loves exploring the outdoors, snowboarding
  • Enjoys music and photography
  • Skills include Industrial Design, Solidworks, Product Design, Sketching, Manufacturing, User Interface Design, Form Development, Cost Efficiency, Model Making, PDM, Photo Realistic Rendering

Shop the whole Farm to Table collection here. 

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Farm to Table Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Fisher

Today, our Farm to Table designer spotlight falls on Jennifer Fisher.


Jennifer designed our Acacia Wood Stacked Servers.

Shop the rest of the Farm to Table Collection here.

“ I love to design things that are approachable, playful and touchable,” she says of her work.

She owns her own tabletop ceramics company called JFish Designs, where she designs and produces handmade ceramic cups, vases, containers and planters.

Spotlight: Jennifer Fisher

  • Industrial designer with a background in ergonomics
  • Trained at Tufts University and Pratt Institute
  • Previous experience includes kitchenware design and design research
  • Skills include sketching, CAD modeling (SolidWorks) 2D technical drawings (Graphite or SolidWorks), computer rendering (Photoshop/Illustrator & SolidWorks), model making/sculpting, plaster mold making, slipcasting and ceramic finish work (glazing & firing)

Which is your favorite Farm to Table item? Let us know in the comments below!

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You Voted, Now It’s Here: The Farm To Table Collection

Back in 2012, we asked you to vote on your favorite homeware designs submitted through Red Clay for our Farm to Table Collection– and now it’s  here!


Jennifer Fisher, Marco Gallegos and Andrew Cottrell created the winning designs chosen by you to be part of our Farm To Table Collection, which has just hit stores!

Shop the Farm To Table collection here and check back in the next few days for some insight into why the designers created the dishes that they did.

Did you vote for any of these dishes in the Farm to Table Collection?


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Our Fall 2013 Home Collections: What’s Your Entertaining Style?

Elegant yet homey.

Relaxed sophistication.

What’s your entertaining  style? Is it defined by the décor of your house? The theme of the gathering?

How about the dishes on your table? We want you to pick the pieces of our Fall 2013 Home Collections.

Like this servingware from designer Stefan Marjanovic. Clean lines and simple elegance make this set a must for fall entertaining.


The same can be said for designer Chariton Alexakis’s soup bowl. It exudes a timeless elegance, yet has a modern look and feel.

soup bowl

Have you voted yet for our Fall 2013 Home Collections? Be the buyer and help us decide!

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Choose Our Fall 2013 Home Collections: So-Soft Blankets

It’s that time of year when crisp, cooler air makes intimate gatherings with loved ones that much cozier.

Dillard’s and Red Clay would love to be a part of it – and we want your input on our Fall 2013 Home collections. Vote for your favorite designer submissions, and we will put them in stores this autumn!

Like these blankets, designed by Maia Ming Fong. The muted colors normally associated with fall are tempered with earthy greens and  bright fuchsias.


Thrown over your favorite chair or mixed with some neutral pillows , these blankets are sure to give any home a peaceful,  relaxing atmosphere that will beckon others in.


Vote here to see these blankets in stores for Fall 2013. Browse the other submissions here in Dillard’s Fall 2013 Home Collections.

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Dillard’s Next Tabletop Designers Revealed!

Dillard’s and Red Clay are excited to announce not 1 but 3 (!) winners for the Red Clay Farm to Table Design project!

You told us which wooden servingware you wanted to see in our stores for April 2013 – and here they are.

(Drumroll, please).



Congratulations to:



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Farm To Table Project: Last Day to Vote!

Growing up, my family had china, fine china, Christmas china – and paper plates. More often than not, if I was being schlepped to dance class or Girl Scouts, I was eating off a paper plate (or out of a bag).

But, every now and again, there was this great big wooden serving bowl that my mother would use to serve simple salads or soups out of. It had the most beautiful shape and finish – plus a wood grain texture that made it different from all our other servingware.  And therefore, I remember it (I couldn’t even tell you what color our regular china was).

Many of the submissions in Dillard’s Farm to Table design project remind me of this bowl – not because they look similar, but because they leave a lasting impression.

The Farm to Table voting deadline has been extended until tonight at midnight – it is the last day to vote on which designs will be sold in Dillard’s stores in 2013!

Like this bowl? Vote here for it in the Red Clay Farm to Table project.

Smoked Salmon-Avocado Salad would be tasty and easy to serve from this bowl.

Like this bowl? Vote here for it in the Red Clay Farm to Table project.

Try serving some Quick Hummus Dip in this bowl; pair it with flatbread, pita chips or your favorite vegetable.

Like this bowl? Vote here for it in the Red Clay Farm to Table project.

The temperatures will be changing soon, and nothing is better as a starter or main course than a selection of Creamy Fall Soups. These recipes contain some fall product favorites, like squash, apples and pumpkin.

We hope you had as much fun picking out your favorites as we did. Go check out and vote on other creative submissions before midnight tonight!

Shop all wooden servingware here.

Which submission did you vote for as your favorite? 

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Bonus Word of the Week: Amuse-Bouche

Happy Labor Day! To celebrate the holiday, we have a bonus Word of the Week.

Amuse-Bouche (uh-MYUZ-boosh) – noun

A small, single bite, similar to an hors d’œuvre. It is usually given as a freebie before a meal, a preview of the chef’s vision or cooking style, offered at their discretion. It is not on the menu. In French, it translates literally to “mouth amuser.”

Present your own Amuse-Bouche in a serving plate like SEPP by Atomare Design. SEPP is a submission in our Farm to Table project.

This unusual serving can be freely divided into smaller or larger compartments to accommodate the dish.

Like this serving plate? Vote here to see in it Dillard’s stores in Spring 2013. You can also check out and vote on other creative submissions.

By the very nature of Amuse-Bouche, it can be whatever your palate imagines. For inspiration, you can view some of Southern Living’s “bites” ’ here.

Now, go create some Amuse-Bouche (or use it in a sentence) and make us proud!

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The “Everything” Platter: Endless Possibilities

“I’m only going to buy one thing,” you think as you walk into a store. That one thing might be cutlery for your friend’s upcoming wedding. One thing, one thing…

But then, the servingware catches your eye. A serving platter, and it’s so unique, it starts to give you dreams of merrymaking grandeur. You don’t regularly host dinner parties or entertain, but this dish makes you want to.

Such a dish exists! (Or rather, it will if you want it to). Like the platter below? Vote here to see it in Dillard’s stores in Spring 2013. You can also check out and vote on other creative submissions.

This handy all-in-one serving dish, designed by Chariton Alexakis for our Farm to Table project, has endless possibilities.

Put this tasty Peanut Butter Dip in the middle, and surround it with pieces of fruit, varying the degrees of sweetness. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, honeydew, grapes – go wild! Or, fill it with snackables like different mixtures of nuts, cheese straws, trail mixes and the like. There are 9 spaces to fill.

A salsa dip in the middle, with various textures of chips surrounding it is sure to be a winner. You can also place the chips in the middle compartment, with different dips in the surrounding spaces.

Shop wooden servingware here.

What arrangements would you put in this bowl? Let us know in the comments below!

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Plate Presentation: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind


When you serve food, picture what it looks like on the plate. Meat on the left. Potatoes next to it. Are you bored already?

Heighten the visual appeal of your plates with our suggestions, featuring submissions from our Farm to Table project.


Set the tone with the shape of the plate – you can use a traditional round shape, like this design submission from Chariton Alexakis, or go with a modern square.

You can also contrast the shape of your food with the shape of the plate. Try these triangle-shaped Pickled Summer Squash Quesadillas for a tantalizing statement.


For wooden servingware, like these Mango Plates by Julian Lwin,  use brightly colored food to contrast the darker shade of the plate.

A Grilled Marinated Vegetable Salad has lively red, yellow and green hues that complement the plate beautifully.


Decorating a plate is as easy as adding a sprig of parsley! Using garnishes, especially edible garnishes that accompany the dish, is an excellent way to adorn a plate.

  • Herbs that work well with the food:
  • Sauces
  • Edible flowers (Many edible flowers are also herbs, like chives and garlic).

Serve this Shrimp and Artichoke Salad, garnished with lemon wedges and edible flowers, on these plates by Marco Gallegos.


Switch up where the food is placed. In this Chicken Scaloppine with Spinach and Linguine, the pasta, asparagus, spinach and tomatoes are served on top of the chicken, instead of the other way around.

These plates by Rhiannon Fleming will look picture-perfect with chicken scaloppine.

Sometimes it is ok to play with your food.

Like any of these plates? Check them out, as well as other creative submissions and vote here to see them in Dillard’s stores in Spring 2013.



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