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Bryn Walker: Dillard’s Exclusive Interview

The creation of Bryan Walker and Michelle Min-Walker, Bryn Walker is beloved for its luxurious fabrics, rich colors and architectural designs. The line’s beautiful, unique style intrigued us — we had to know more. For insight, we caught up with the couple to chat about their inspirations, influences and passion for travel.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
A: Inspiration comes from everywhere: a color, a mood, a gesture. Of course, much of it comes from our passion for travel. The beautiful places we visit end up in the line as silhouettes, colors and style names. Spring 2012 was inspired by our trip to Machu Picchu and Patagonia, and Fall 2012 was all about the white truffles of Alba, the hills of Piemonte, as well as winter in Venice. The color “elf,” a vivid green, was inspired by a napkin in one of our favorite restaurants in Venice, Anice Stellato, located near the Ghetto in Venice.

Q: What or who are your major influences? 
A: Bryan and I both love architecture, and I tend to gravitate to architectural, minimalist designs in clothing as well. Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo have long been favorites with their pioneering designs. And I love the rebirth of lines such as Lanvin and Balenciaga, with their signature bold, fluid lines. Personal favorites include Dries Van Noten and Haider Ackermann.

Q: Did you attend school for fashion design or are you self-taught? 
A: My degree was in painting and Bryan’s was in philosophy. And even though I always enjoyed making clothes with my sister throughout high school, we never seriously entertained the idea of clothing design as a profession. What started out as a distraction and a temporary endeavor after our move to the Bay Area for graduate studies turned into a 20 year adventure.

Q: Who is the Bryn Walker woman?
A: There really is no typical Bryn Walker woman. Our customers span generations, professions, time zones. They are women who have a preference for style, versatility and comfort in their clothing.

Q: What makes Bryn Walker different?
A: We focus on creating beautiful, elegant and practical clothing that can be worn anywhere — whether it’s to the opera in Paris or just a trip to the farmers’ market.

Q: What’s the ultimate message you want to communicate through your designs? 
A: Have fun with our clothes and be yourself! I don’t think we can be at our best when we are wearing pieces that are restricting and uncomfortable. I personally love clothing that moves and breathes.

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces from your line?
I have many favorites, of course, and there are always a couple of pieces and colors I adore more than others every season. A perennial favorite is the Play Shirt. Our clothes are meant to be layered, and I love trying different combinations of styles and colors. A current favorite is the Noah tunic over our signature Casbah pants. This ensemble in various color combinations has traveled with me everywhere in the last five months — to Italy, Las Vegas, NYC, Alta, and L.A.!

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