Word of the Week Glossary

A-Line [adj.] \ā-ˌlīn\ This flattering silhouette is fitted at the waist and wide at the hem for a figure-balancing effect.

Examples of A-Line Apparel >

Anorak [n.] \’an-uh-rak\ Weather-resistant jacket, usually hip-length with a hood, developed for polar regions

Examples of Anorak Jackets >

Amuse-Bouche [n.] \uh-MYUZ-boosh\ A small, single bite, similar to an hors d’œuvre. It is usually given as a freebie before a meal, a preview of the chef’s vision or cooking style, offered at their discretion. It is not on the menu. In French, it translates literally to “mouth amuser.” Read more…

Examples of dining & entertaining  >

Aviator Sunglasses [n.] \avi-ator sun-glass-es\  A type of sunglasses characterized by thin metal frames, large oval-like lenses and bridge pads. “Pilot’s glasses,” as they were originally referred to, were developed in the 1930s to protect pilot’s eyes during flying. 

Examples of  aviator sunglasses >

Bandeau [n.] \ban-ˈdō\ Traditionally a narrow covering for the bust, today bandeau (or the tank-inspired bandini) most often refers to strapless swimwear.

Examples of bandeau swimwear >

Beauty Serum [n.] \ˈbyü-tē ‘sir-əm\ A concentrated, fast-acting skin treatment applied topically that penetrates the skin deeper than a moisturizer and is used to fight blemishes and signs of aging.

Examples of beauty serums >

Bermuda Shorts [n.] \ˈbər-ˈmyü-də ˈshȯrt\ Originally designed for British soldiers in tropical climes, Bermuda shorts are a tailored, longer take on our favorite summer staple. 

Examples of Bermuda shorts >

Blouson [n.] \ˈblau̇-ˌsän\ A bodice that has a tight waistband and a loose, flowing body. 

Examples of Blouson apparel >

Bodycon [n.] \bä-dē-kän\ A style of tight clothing that emphasizes the contours of the body. The term is shortened from body-conscious.

Examples of bodycon clothing >

Booties [n.] \ˈbüt-ees\ Boots with shafts that reach higher than the ankle and lower than the mid-calf (typically 4″ to 7.5″).

Examples of Booties >

Capris [n.] \kə-ˈprēz\ Named for the Italian isle of Capri, this warm-weather favorite hits between the knee and calf.

Examples of capris >

Cashmere [n.] \ˈkazh-ˌmir\ A fine, soft, yet strong fiber derived from goats indigenous to the Kashmir region of India.

Examples of Cashmere >

Chevron [n.] \ˈshev-rən\ Playful zigzag print featuring at least 2 alternating colors.

Examples of chevron >

Chiffon [n.] \shi-ˈfän,\ Most often used for evening wear, chiffon is a sheer fabric woven of alternating yarns. This gives it some stretch and a slightly rough feel.

Examples of chiffon >

Clutch [n.] \kluhch\ A narrow handheld bag, usually formal, with no strap or a removable strap.

Examples of clutch >

Combat Boots [n.] \’käm-ˌbat ‘büts,\ Designed with a lace-up front, this military-inspired style lends a tough-meets-chic vibe to feminine looks.

Examples of combat boots >

Convertible Bra [n.] \kuhn-vur-tuh-buhl brah\ A type of bra that features straps that can be moved and sometimes removed. The straps adjust to accommodate multiple types of clothing. Read more…

Examples of convertible bras >

Crepe [n.] \kreyp\ Thin, lightweight fabric known for its characteristic crinkled or ridged surface.

Examples of crepe apparel >

Crochet [n.]  \croh-shay\  Crocheted fabric is dense, formed through interlocking loop stitches. It is used in women’s apparel as well as shoes, handbags and hats.

Examples of  crochet >

d’Orsay Pumps [n.]  \ˈdȯr ˈsā ˈpəmp\  An arch-exposing pump, usually with a closed toe and heel. In other words, flirty, feminine and fun. Read more…

Examples of  d’Orsay  Pumps >

Decollete [adj.] \dey-kol-tey\ In the world of cosmetics, this word refers to the chest area. Most commonly, it is used in conjunction with anti-aging creams or lotions for the neck. Read more…

Examples of decollete products >

Denier [n.] \den-yer\ A unit of measurement used to identify the thickness of the individual threads in cloth and fabrics. Read more…

Shop all luggage >

Duverlet [n.] \doo-ver-leht\ In the world of bedding, a duverlet is a coverlet that doubles as a duvet cover, meaning it can stand on its own or work to hold your duvet. A duverlet includes a button, zipper or tie closure. Read more…

Examples of duverlets products >

Espadrille [n.] \ˈes-pə-ˌdril\ A summer-perfect shoe with a jute-wrapped midsole. Read more…

Examples of espadrilles >

Fit-and-Flare [n.] \ˈfit ən(d)ˈfler\ This A-line silhouette highlights your smallest point with a fitted bodice and a swing skirt.

Examples of fit-and-flare silhouettes >

Gladiator Sandals [n.] \glad’-ee-ey-ter san’-dl\ Sandal with an open, t-bar style, usually with lots of straps and often flat or with a top tie closure.

Examples of gladiator sandals >

Hair Calf [n.] \hair kahf\ The hair side of animal leather. Considered a “pelt,” the same as fur. Read more…

Examples of hair calf items >

Harness Boots [n.] \ˈhär-nəsˈbüts\ Motorcycle-inspired boots, typically of a heavy leather, that feature hardware straps at the ankle.

Examples of harness boots >

Highlighter [n.] \hahy-lahy-ter\  A cosmetic pen, cream or powder used to emphasize some part of the face, such as the cheekbones or eyes. 

Examples of highlighters >

Hi-Low Hem [n.] \hahy-loh hem\ A hemline that is longer in the back than the front; the difference can be slight or it can be dramatic.  Read more…

Examples of hi-low hems >

Hobo Bag [n.] \hoh-boh bag\
A handbag with a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. It is characterized by its crescent moon shape and a slouchy posture. Read more…

Examples of hobo bags >

Ikat Print [n.] \ˈē-ˌkät ˈprint\

Traditionally created using a unique dyeing process, this tribal pattern is characterized by bold diamond shapes.

Examples of ikat-print apparel >

Illusion Neckline [n.] \ih-loo’-zhuhn nek’-lahyn\

Transparent lace or tulle panel extending from the bust to the collar.

Examples of illusion necklines >

Jacquard [n.] \(jăk’kärd\n nek’-lahyn\

A fabric with an intricate pattern woven into it (rather than printed or dyed upon it).

Examples of jacqard >

Linen [n.] \ˈli-nən\
A strong fabric made from woven flax. Known for its breathability and favored during warmer months.

Examples of linen apparel >

Maxi Dress [n.] \ˈmak-sē ˈdres\
A flowy, ankle-length dress that is typically sleeveless with a low neckline. A maxi dress often features bright, colorful fabrics and is popular during warmer months.

Examples of  maxi dresses >

Messenger Bag [n.] \ˈme-sən-jər bāg\
A bag (typically made from cloth) that is worn with a strap that goes across the body.

Examples of  messenger bags >

Moto Boots [n.] [n.] \’moh-toh boots\
These motorcycle-inspired boots are often short with buckle detailing around the upper vamp and ankle.

Examples of  moto boots >

Moto Jacket [n.] [n.] \ ‘mot-toh jack-it\
Inspired by professional motorcycle jackets, the moto jacket features long sleeves, a cropped fit and zipper details.

Examples of  moto jackets >

Minaudiere [n.] \ˌmē-nōd-ˈyer\

Fancy French word for clutch. “A small evening bag embezzled with pieces of metal, semi precious stones or beads and covered with fabric or leather.”

Examples of Minaudiere >

Nylons [n.] \naky-lons\ Hosiery made from nylon that eases chafing, keeps the legs and feet warm and hides imperfections. Read more…

Examples of nylons >

Ombré [adj.] \ˈäm-ˌbrā\ Color tones that fade into one another in a gradient; in clothing, it often fades from light to dark 

Examples of ombré >

Oxfords [n.] \ˈäksfərd\ A low-rise shoe with under-vamp lacing that is located over the wearer’s instep. 

Examples of oxfords >

Pavé [adj.] \puh-vey; Fr. pav-vey\ 
Closely set stones or gems, placed to show no metal between them.  Read more…

Examples of pavé items >

Peacoat [n.] \ˈpē-ˌkōt\ Originally worn by sailors, this coat features a heavy woolen double-breasted front and broad lapels.

Shop peacoats >

Peplum [n.] \ˈpe-pləm\ A short (often ruffled or pleated) overskirt that’s attached at the waist of dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. Read more…

Examples of peplum dresses, tops, skirts and jackets >

Peter Pan Collar [n.] \ˈpē-tər ˈpan ˈkä-lər\  A small, close-fitting collar (usually rounded at the ends) that adds feminine flourish to tops and dresses. Read more…

Examples of Peter Pan collars >

Polarized Sunglasses [n.] \poh-luh-rahyzd sən-ˌglases\ Polarized lenses reduce and eliminate glare — particularly off of non-metallic surfaces such as bodies of water and roads — which lead to clearer vision and unstressed eyes.

Examples of polarized sunglasses >

Ponte [n.] \ˈpon-te\  A double-knit fabric that’s sturdy yet stretchy, often used for dresses, suiting and slim pants.

Examples of Ponte >

Popover [n.] \ˈpäp-ˌō-vər\ A cropped top worn over a longer tank or tee for a layered look.  Read more…

Examples of popovers >

Quilted [adj.] \ˈkwilt ed\ Quilt-inspired stitching that adds a textural touch to jackets, shoes or accessories. 

Examples of quilted >

Riding Boots [n.] \ˈrī-diŋ ˈbüts\ Tall, timeless boot style with equestrian-inspired details. Read more…

Examples of riding boots >

Romper [n.] \ˈräm-pər\ A playful one-piece silhouette with attached shorts, constructed from knit for a casual look or woven fabric for a tailored take.

Examples of  rompers >

Rose Gold [n.] \ˈrōz ˈgōld\ Gold/copper alloy favored for its pretty, pink-tinged luster.

Examples of  rose gold accessories >

Saffiano [n.] \saf-ee-uhn-oh\ A type of leather, typically used to construct handbags, that features an easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant crossstitch pattern.

Examples of Saffiano >

Satchel [n.] \ˈsa-chəl\ A large handbag, for either men or women, that often features a long shoulder strap, in addition to a shorter handle.

Examples of Satchels >

Sheath [n.] [n.] \’shēth\ Versatile and universally flattering, this fitted silhouette skims your curves for an easy day-to-play look.

Examples of Sheath Dresses >

Shift Dress [n.] \ˈshift ˈdres\ A universally flattering silhouette that falls loosely from the shoulders with little definition through the waist. Read more…

Examples of shift dresses >

Skater Fit Dress [n.] \ˈskater fit ˈdres\ A mid-thigh-length dress with a fitted, usually flat-front, crewneck bodice and a flared, deeply pleated a-line skirt. Can also refer to a skirt alone. 

Examples of skater fit >

Skinny Jeans [n.] \ˈski-nē ˈjēnz\ A modern cut that fits snugly around the legs and even more tightly around the leg openings.

Examples of skinny jeans >

Sneaker Wedge [n.] \’snee-ker wej\ A wedge heel incorporated into a high-top sneaker-style shoe to add height.

Examples of sneaker wedges >

Soutache [n.] \ˈsü-ˈtash\ Decorative trim used often used to give apparel whimsical interest or Western flair.

Examples of soutache >

Statement Necklace [n.] \steyt-muhnt nek-lis\ A short or long piece of jewelry worn around the neck that is bold, large and the defining element of your look. Read more…

Examples of statement necklaces >

Swimdress [n.] \ˈswimdres\ A one-piece swimsuit that is similar in appearance to a short dress. Form-fitting at top and flaring to a skirt below, they enhance the look of a narrow waist and give extra coverage at the hips.

Examples of swimdresses >

Tote Bagc [n.] \toht bāg\ A large (and stylish) 2-handled open-topped bag.

Examples of tote bags >

Tunic [n.] ˈt(y)o͞onik/A simple, loose-fitting top, of various lengths, worn over the waist.

Examples of tunics >

Tutu [n.] \too-too\ A fanciful and frilly skirt usually made of several layers of twirl-friendly tarlatan or tulle and worn by ballerinas. Read more…

Examples of tutus >

Twill [n.] \ˈtwil\ A textile weave where one thread passes over another then under two or more others making the fabric look like it has diagonal lines. Read more…

Examples of men’s twill clothing >

Weekender Bag [n.] \ˈwēk-ˈen-dər bāg\ A stylish traveling bag for carrying clothes and other essentials on a weekend getaway. 

Examples of weekender bag >

Wide-Calf Boots [n.] \ˈwīd ˈkaf ˈbüts\ Boots with a roomier shaft ideal for a more comfortable fit and thick socks. 

Examples of wide-calf boots >

Wristlet [n.] \ˈris(t)-lət\ A small band worn around the wrist, often with a small wallet attached that fits a few cards and sometimes a cell phone. 

Examples of wristlets >

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