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Department: Handbags, Accessories, Beauty, Lingerie

Favorite Word: hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian

Never Leave Home Without: Pen and paper

Most important handbag purchase criteria: That it have oodles of pockets so I don’t have to dig for a lipstick or keys.


Department: Men’s, Children & Juniors

Favorite Word: Vivacious

Never Leave Home Without: My phone and MAC face powder; life occurs unexpectedly and I’d rather be prepared.

Mommy Fashion Favorites: My little one and I (okay, maybe mostly me) are obsessed with bold prints & colors, boots, and cardigans. Who says toddlers can’t look fabulous?

Keith Klamer photo


Department: Women

Favorite Word: Onomatopoeia

Never Leave Home Without: My son’s bracelet from Guatemala (that’s where he’s from, too).

3 Must-Have Items for Men: Navy blue blazer, black shirt and swagger



Department: Women’s

Favorite Word: Memoir

Never Leave Home Without: My phone and its ever-changing girly phone cases, preferably Hello Kitty ones. Yes, I embrace my inner 13-year-old self.

Currently in My Closet:  If it’s classy, casual and a little feminine, chances are I’m going to need a hanger for it. I adore any dress or top that flaunts a Peter Pan collar, peplum waistlines or subtle lace details.



Department: Women

Favorite Word: Harlequin

Never Leave Home Without: A sense of adventure.

Shoe Staple: If you feel like you can take on the world in your shoes, they’re an automatic must-have! Never settle for less than your best foot forward.

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