Boots May Be Cool, But Sandals Are Hot

I know that with all this winter weather we’ve had, you’re probably thinking I can’t wait to lose the coat, scarf, and boots, and bask in the sun with green grass between my toes!  But once your feet have had their fill of grass and sunshine, it’s time to get back to fashionable footwear.

With fresh, new warmer months, there’s a need for new sandals! Here’s what to look for when you’re over bare feet and want to give yourself a treat:


1. Make yourself known in the arena of summer style with these gladiator sandals. Perfect for picnicking on the edge or just going to an outdoor market, these sandals will empower you to take on whatever sunshine and  warm breezes come your way.

2. Comfy-casual doesn’t have to be bland: buckle up for fashion with these fun-loving ankle strap sandals. Perfect for your daily activities, these colorful ankle straps add just enough color to an easy, breezy outfit.

3. You won’t need the hot sun to light your way with this cool, bright color.  Perfect for your warm-weather nightlife, these platform wedges will brighten up any nocturnal social scene.

4. When you choose to unwind on the beach or by the lake, don’t leave home without this classic summer favorite. With smooth leather and an airy design, your feet will feel cuddled but well-ventilated in these outdoorsy sandals.

5. Ditch the boring, flat flip-flops for these divine, sky-high platform wedges. The fierce metal hardware on these sandals makes a statement: you are a sun goddess.

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  1. Jay

    Thanks for finally writing about >Boots May Be Cool, But Sandals Are Hot | Dillard’s <Liked it!

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