Get Motivated: Cutting-Edge Workout Gear

Need a little motivation for your New Year’s resolution? Stop skipping the gym and start showing off your results in cutting-edge gear from Nike, Under Armour, Spanx and more.


Choose fitted yet non-restricting clothing that allows you to stay focused on your practice. We love the Nike Legend yoga pant’s higher back rise. (No more pausing to pull up your waistband during Downward Dog means smoother Sun Salutations.) Pair with a sweat-wicking tee — made even better by a feminine V-neck — to stay cool and dry during class. Cushioned flip-flops, a slim jacket and a mat-friendly tote get you to and from the studio with style.
Get the Gear: Nike Dri-FIT Empire Jacket, Nike Legend Tee, Nike Legend Slim Yoga Pants, Vera Braley Carried Away ToteSanuk Yoga Mat Sandals


Braving winter weather for a run isn’t easy —  smart, modern gear is a must. The Under Armour Perfect Workout legging boasts signature HeatGear® fabric that not only wicks away sweat, but also regulates your core temperature. To keep from getting too warm after a few miles, layer an eye-catching hoodie over a sleek tank. Hair-taming headbands and stability-providing running shoes ensure you’re expertly outfitted from head to toe.
Get the Gear: Under Armour Storm Fleece Hoodie, Under Armour Perfect Workout Leggings, Under Armour Victory Tank, Under Armour Braided HeadbandsNew Balance Heritage 990v3 Running Shoes


Don’t let worrying about what you wear — and how you look in it — keep you from the gym. Spanx Active jackets, tops and pants combine the perks of traditional workout clothes with signature slimming technology. Pick a multitasking shoe for ambitious days when you want to hit up the weight room post spin class. Need an early morning pick-me-up? Simply peek into this cheerfully lined bag from Under Armour, perfect for stashing your essentials.
Get the Gear: Spanx Active Hourglass TankSpanx Active Shaping Knee PantsSpanx Active Contour Jacket, Under Armour Gym Bag, Ecco Biom Training Shoes

Shop all activewear here.

Do you have a fitness goal for 2013? Share in the comments!

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