Dillard’s Exclusive Interview: Tableware Designer Julia Knight

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. From my time living in Paris and the global tapestry of my travels: the flash of color from a Sari, the sea off the coast of St. Tropez, the flesh from a ripe mango, an oyster’s shimmering shell, the delicateness of wild sage, a cranberry’s translucent depth.

Q. How do you decide your design style?
A. I love a design style that mixes natural textures like warm woods and dramatic animal prints, with more womanly elements like shimmer and shine. My goal is to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to the table while keeping it comfortable and functional. My collection is all about color and creating your own personal palettes of color that reflect your personality and mood.

Q. What are your tips for entertaining?
A.  It isn’t necessarily about what one serves, it isn’t about slaving for hours to create the perfect evening. That’s old school. New school is making the perfect evening perfectly effortless. My serveware and glassware can help transform even the most ordinary food and refreshment into something unique without having to break a sweat. It is what I call “entertaining redefined.”

Q. What makes the Julia Knight collection different?
A. Color is definitely a strength and the mix of materials to create something that is at the same time glamorous but comfortable. My look is female, not feminine; dramatic and comfortable — it makes you feel really good about yourself.

Q. Which is your favourite piece? What is an ideal piece to gift to a friend?
A. It changes with each season. Right now, I am favoring the new Peony 12” round deep bowl.  It is the perfect piece to serve in. And if you add a small bowl in the center, it becomes an ideal chip and dip.

Q. What colors do you like to use the most?
A. One of my favorite colors is amethyst, which can be paired with kiwi and hydrangea for a gorgeous mix or with platinum, toffee and snow for a sophisticated look. I am also fond of the Pretty in Pink color-story for spring — caviar, champagne, raspberry, snow and platinum.

Q. Of all things, why did you choose to design décor and tableware?
A.  One of my greatest joys is entertaining others.  I love the chance to make people feel special, and I want to be present at a party and not worn out from the preparation. This drove my desire to design entertaining table and serveware that would make anything I served, from shrimp and cocktail sauce to smoked salmon and caviar, absolutely stunning. I want my guests to leave with a memorable experience.

Q. Any future plans to make additions to your collections?
A. This spring I’m thrilled to introduce “Wood Jewels,” a collection I’ve been working on for more than a year that combines sumptuous hand-carved wood with our signature enamel — it’s jewelry for your table. Also new, a royal “Queen Bee” design that has folks buzzing already and a fabulous collection of fish I call “Pescador.”

Shop the Julia Knight Collection.

What’s your favorite Julia Knight piece? Tell us about it in the collection.  

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