Dillard’s Exclusive Interview with Foot Petals Founder Tina Aldatz

Q: Who is the typical Foot Petals woman? 
A: Typically, she’s a professional fashionista between 25 and 40.  She’s smart, on trend and loves shoes!

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? 
A: From my own life experience and customer demand – and let’s not forget wardrobe malfunctions as well.

Q: Who are your major influences? 
A: Designer shoes are a work of art; therefore, Foot Petals are meant to complement the design of shoes, to add rather than take away. I always like to keep my designs classic, functional and minimal.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the industry? 

A: I made insoles feminine, sexy and fashionable.

Q: What’s the ultimate message you want to get across through your shoes? 

A: You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.  Women can look great and feel great too.  Foot Petals allow women to customize their shoes for a perfect fit with an insole that offers superior cushioning that will never go flat.

Q: Did you attend school for design or are you self-taught? 

A: I’ve always had a love for fashion and most of my career was spent in fashion retail from Victoria’s Secret to BCBG. As my interest in developing and designing the best insoles in the market grew, I became a certified pedorthist; which means I’m an expert in shoe fitting and shoe modification.

Q: What are some of your favorite products in the line?

A: I cannot live without Tip Toes and Heavenly Heelz in every shoe I wear! You shouldn’t either.

Q: What are some key trends we will see from your line next season?

A: It’s all about Foot Petals comfort 24/7.  From glamorous, evening metallics to terry cloth washable insoles, Foot Petals has developed a cushion for every shoe and lifestyle.

Q: Tell us about a shoe you will never forget.

A: I will never forget the highest pair of heels I own, which is a platform Manolo Blahnik (6 inches high) and very difficult to walk in.  But I saved myself the worry and pain by placing Tip Toes on top of Killer Kushionz for my ball-of-foot area and Heavenly Heelz at the back of the heel to ensure the perfect fit.  I don’t want to end up on TMZ… Preventative maintenance is how I like to think of it.

Q: Which shoe should no woman (or man if applicable) be without?

A: A nude peep-toe slingback is very professional and sexy.  It’s so versatile, taking you from day to night and is great for traveling too.

Shop our picks: Tip Toes, Killer Kushionz & Heavenly Heelz 

Get more fit tips here.

Tell us how you use your Foot Petals.


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2 responses to “Dillard’s Exclusive Interview with Foot Petals Founder Tina Aldatz

  1. Does the foot petal line have something for bunions ?

    • Foot Petals does not have specific cushions just for bunions. But Tina Aldatz shares her bunion tips on her Shoe Whisperer blog, Tip #11.

      “First of all, try doubling up on the cushions; the best combo is to place a Tip Toe directly on top of a Killer Kushion; this will add plenty of cushion to the balls of your feet, helping ease the pain and provide that extra comfort where you need it.”

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