Touchdown! The Best Tailgating Recipes

You can feel the buzz around you –cooler weather, family and friends decked out in an explosion of color, the thundering roar of the stadium…

It’s Game Day!

College football is revving up, and fans everywhere are breaking out their tents and chairs, cleaning out grills and coolers and brushing up on the fight song. Check out our handy-dandy tailgating checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Tailgating Setup Checklist – You can print out this checklist – we’ve left spaces for you to check as you go along!

Tailgating Food and Beverages Checklist – Print this out and check things off as you go along!

You need 3 basic things for tailgating:

  1. Gear.
  2. Friends who support the same teams as you.
  3. And food.

Easy ready-to-go tailgating snacks, like Deviled Eggs and Chicken and Honey Sandwiches make concentrating on supporting the team so much easier.

If you are the go-to tailgating grill, check out these awesome Tailgating Recipes for the Grill, like Vegetable Kabobs and Honey-BBQ Chicken.

For hardcore fans, your tailgating menu can even reflect the teams you support. Take a look at these 14 Team-Inspired Tailgating Dishes and College Football Cupcakes.

Can’t get enough? We’ve got you covered.

Get ideas for the sartorial side of tailgating – dressing for games is definitely a highlight of going, and no matter what your style, you can incorporate winning fashion into it.

Or check out our entertaining tips for those away games or when a big group is gathering to watch the game on TV.

Which college teams do you support? Let us know!

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