The HomeFront: College Football Game-Day Entertaining

As your favorite college teams compete for gridiron glory this fall, entertain with lots of eats and treats. has everything you need to throw a game-day bash at your place.

In college football, the tide can turn in an instant. To calm uncertainty, make sure your guests have something solid they can hold on to. Watch the football go sailing as you cling to one of these pub glasses. Each holds 16 oz. of your favorite game-day beverage. We also have team pilsner glasses, if you prefer more beverage per serving.

Touchdowns and turnovers can come suddenly, swiftly; and much of it can inspire nervous eating.  Make sure no guest goes under served. Present consoling finger foods with this chip and dip server. Do you have a homemade recipe for a special dip? Serve it here, or opt for traditional chips and queso or salsa. You can even serve healthier snacks such as mixed raw veggies with ranch dip.

Nothing burns calories quite like cheering, so it’s a good idea to have enough food on hand. Serve whatever you want on this bread tray: steaks, spare ribs, hamburger sliders, nachos. Make it hearty, tasty and plentiful for all your guests.

Find your team by checking out our Game-Day Entertaining section.

What’s your favorite game day snack? Tell about it in the comments section.

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