Steve Madden: Dillard’s Exclusive Interview

Q: Who is the typical Steve Madden woman?
The typical Steve Madden girl is your everyday woman. She’s confident and cutting edge.

Q: Where do you draw most of your inspiration for your designs?
A: I draw my inspiration from everything I’m surrounded by, from people who walk the streets of the world to my love for music. Over the past 20 years I’ve found that many different things inspire me to continue creating.

Q: Who are your major influences?
A: I’m influenced by anyone who impacts art and commerce, like Warhol and The Beatles.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the industry?
A: The number one goal of our company is to make cool shoes and second to make money for our investors.

Q: What’s the ultimate message you want to get across through your shoes?
A: That you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great.

Q: Did you attend school for design or are you self-taught?
A: I’m self taught! I started out in the shoe business when I was 16 as a stock boy.

Q: What are some of your favorite shoes in the line?
A:  Conncord, Dejavu, Masqraid

Q: What are some key trends we will see from your line next season?
A: Lower heels.

Q: Tell us about a shoe you will never forget.
A: The SLINKY – it’s one of my first and biggest hits.

Q: Which shoe should no woman be without?
A: A comfortable flat and a classic black pump are musts. They’re like the little black dresses of the shoe world.

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Are you excited about lower heels? 


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8 responses to “Steve Madden: Dillard’s Exclusive Interview

  1. I love Steve Madden designs, but would like to see some demi wedge flats in the line. The very flat flats make my back hurt. It doesn’t have to be much, but even .75″ to 1″ would be wonderful.

  2. love, love, love you Steve Madden for great shoes. My only thing is please do not stop making size 5’s in every single model, from the sexy model shoes to every day ones. God bless.

  3. My athletic daughter found boots that she loved, but could not get them to zip over her calf muscle. We were both disappointed that we could not find a style that she liked with would fit her. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Teresa,

      We have several brands that feature wide calf styles, you can check them out here.

      I would also recommend looking for boots that have laces, straps or elastic on the back shaft for a more adjustable fit.

      Happy Shopping!

  4. Erica

    I love the wedge sneakers by Steve Madden… But question .. Why don’t they come in half sizes for women who is in between shoe size, because if I buy the 9 it would be really too big for me…so I need that 8.5… Just would like to know why…but I still love the shoes…thanks

  5. I love Steve Madden shoes!!!! My only “complaint” is that the smoking’ slippers don’t come in a wedge ;( I can’t wear a totally flat shoe, and need at least a 2’ wedge….oh well…..I love those from afar!

  6. K jackson

    With the heels y does he gve replacement soles for them …the cheaper shoes do….and I love my maddens but the heel is GOIN to wear quick

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