How to Accessorize School Uniforms

Few kids get excited about school uniforms. No one wants to look like everyone else, blending into a sea of khaki, navy, hunter green and white. But there is hope for the stylish child whose fashion sense is bound by a school uniform policy: Accessories.

The easiest way for boys to stand out in the crowd is with cool backpacks. We have a variety, ranging from this superhero-themed bag(1) to this rugged looking Jansport backpack(2) to and this rolling space shuttle backpack(3). If ties are allowed or required, he may opt for a trendy bow tie(4) in the appropriate color.

Stylish shoes are excellent for expressing individual style. Try these boat shoes from UGG Australia(5) or Sperry Top-Sider(6). Colorful Nike (7)or Polo Ralph Lauren(8) sneakers are sporty options.

Girls have an even wider range of accessories to choose from.

A Hello Kitty backpack(1) or handbag(2) can add a dash of whimsy and a splash of sparkle. The zebra print of this Jansport backpack(3) is a little edgy, while this Vera Bradley book bag(4) might appeal to the more fashion-forward young lady.

These dazzling Skechers(5) sneakers and shimmering Sperry boat shoes(6) are also great options for adding a little pizazz to a school uniform. A plain pair of shoes can be dressed up with these cute Copper Key socks(7) that have animal-print ruffle trim.

If standout shoes are not an option (or even if they are) add color to her hair with brightly colored bows from Copper Key(8). She can add a little bling to her khaki pants with one of these stylish rhinestone-embellished Miss Me Girls belts(9). Bracelets can also enliven a bland school uniform. From Copper Key, the animal-print bangles(10) are exotic and edgy.

For uniforms and other accessories, shop here.

How will you add style to your school uniforms?

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