Dillard’s Exclusive Interview with ECCO designer Felix Zahn

Q: Who is the typical ECCO customer?
That is really hard to tell I would say almost everybody, as ECCO provides products for both genders, every age group and almost any occasion. Overall, I do believe ECCO shoes are the perfect fit for an active lifestyle.

Q: Where do you draw most of your inspiration for your designs?
A: In general, there is no limit to where inspiration might come from. In most cases though for us it comes from nature itself. As a Scandinavian company, we also do get a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian architecture and furniture.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the industry?
A point of difference and a lot of innovation. ECCO is specialized — and the world leader — in the direct injection technology. This is the core fact why our shoes feel so great. In addition, we stick to our Scandinavian heritage and design principles which makes our product look different.

Q: What’s the ultimate message you want to get across through your shoes?
Feel free starting with your feet! Our shoes are amazingly comfortable and do have a very contemporary design. That is a great combination. These days other shoes are either comfortable but look old or they look modern/trendy but are far away from being relaxed.

Q: What are some of your favorite shoes in the line?
A: That’s a tough question. Ask a parent who is their favorite child. With all seriousness, within our women’s collection it is definitely the Sculptured series which represents all we stand for: clean Scandinavian design, premium leathers, fantastic comfort and innovative technology.

Q: What are some key trends we will see from your line next season?
A: We will continue with the modern simplicity, clean lines and functional design, which is very Scandinavian. From a color perspective we will go very aggressive. We will feature almost every bright color in our line. Color pop will be key during at least the next 2 seasons to come.

Q: Tell us about a shoe you will never forget.
A: My first Michael Jordan basketball shoe. I am from Germany, and back in the early ‘90s a pair of Jordan sneakers was very hard to get.

Q: Which shoe should no woman be without?
A: The Yucatan sandal. It is the perfect sandal for every occasion for active people. If you go on a vacation, this is the ideal companion that  will provide comfort all the way.

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6 responses to “Dillard’s Exclusive Interview with ECCO designer Felix Zahn

  1. Star

    I would like a coffee color shoes in size 5 that would be very comfortable.
    I just bought Ecco Women’s “Sky Slip on sneaker. (The only thing I don’t like is the slip in soles- I wished it was more comfortable -do you have any more slip in soles that are made softer?)

    The shoes- I can’t remember the name of it -was coffee color it looked like the “Sky Slip on sneaker. I really like it but when I walked on title or wood floors they would squeak-
    I returned the shoes immediately.
    I would like a pair of Ecco sneakers in coffee color size 5 what do you have? (And softer soles slip.)

  2. Vickie Drury

    I have worn ecco shoe exclusively for over 20 years and have been very satisfied. I still have
    the 1st pair I bought I were them to work in the yard.Something I have noticed the last 2 or3
    years is that some stiles have NO arch support I have high arches I have alway been able
    to buy these site unseen but that has changed. I can’t were the flat ones my feet and legs
    hurt when I do. I was a nurse for 34years and the last 20 years I wore only ecco to work
    and lots of other nurses wear them too. These have alway been a good fit for me also.
    Thanks for a great product. Vickie

  3. Jocelynn

    Several years ago I bought the most comfortable suede Ecco shoes that I have worn on all my travels around the world and also while camping. They have no laces to tie or velcros, more like a slip-on or moccasin type. However, the material on one side is starting to wore-off and is about to rip. I was told once that Ecco shoes’ materials are warranted for life, is this true? I’ve looked to replace them but have not seen the same style again and I just love my shoes!

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