Shoes: Solutions for Size, Slipping, Blisters & More

Between sizes in the season’s must-have shoe? Battling blisters from your new flats? Us too — until we discovered Foot Petals. Our favorite shoe accessory line offers a wide variety of foot-friendly solutions. We created a quick guide to their products, sorted by issue so you can find what you need fast.

Aching Arches, Foot Fatigue

If you have flat arches or spend long days on your feet, Foot Petals Amazing Arches are your new best friend. These contoured pads create a virtual arch for flat feet or offer extra support to your natural arch. The added lift actually improves the fit of your shoes. Amazing Arches cushions even work with your body, absorbing shock and reducing the achy feeling that comes with spending hours on your feet.

Calluses, Fatigue, Sliding in Heels

We love sky-high heels, but our feet aren’t big fans. Luckily, Foot Petals Tip Toes pads infinitely improve the experience. The cushioned design protects bones and tissues, prevents calluses and offers shock absorption. Tip Toes also help with fit, keeping your feet from sliding forward and eliminating uncomfortable and unsightly toe scrunch and overhang.

Blisters, Heel Slipping

It’s your worst nightmare: unbearable blisters before the day has even begun. Wake up and get some Heavenly Heels. Simply stick the self-adhering pads to the back of your shoes’ heels to prevent blisters. Between sizes? Heavenly Heelz cushions add just enough volume and comfortable “stick” to stop heel slipping. Try putting them inside the tops of mules or boots to ease rubbing.

Strap Digging & Slipping

Spring is the season of strappy sandals. Keep your favorite styles from cutting into your feet with Strappy Strips. Thin and easy to cut to size, these padded strips are virtually invisible. They also add comfortable “stick,” which keeps your slingback straps from sliding down. Our favorite tip? Line thong sandal straps for rub-free walking.

Sliding, Fatigue, Moisture 

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz insoles transform the fit of your shoes, from heel to toe. This multitasking design offers a high degree of shock absorption, stops feet from sliding forward and controls moisture. You can even stick them in open-toe styles and flats. They’re your best bet if you’re looking to improve the overall comfort of your shoes.

Shop our full selection of Foot Petals here.

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